Laser Engraving

Our expert staff are always on hand to help you decide which form of laser engraving is best suited to your needs. 

Over the years we've invested in a selection of laser engraving machines of various types to enable us to provide a huge range of engraving services. We have in-house capability to engrave using CO2 and Fiber Laser machines, and a combination of flatbed and 360 Degree Rotary machines so we can engrave not only flat items but also round items such as bottles and drinking glasses.

All our machines are enclosed providing a safe working environment for our highly skilled team of engraving machine operators.

Below are the various technologies we use for laser engraving, the design options available and the types of material that best lend themselves to these techniques.

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Laser Engraving Technologies

CO2 Laser Engraving

Main Applications:
Engraving on coated metal objects
High contrast black laser marking on bare metal (including stainless steel)
Marking anodized aluminium
Engraving to base colour of silicone-coated items
Cutting & engraving wood and acrylic materials for signs and letterplates

Fiber Laser Engraving

Main Applications:
Marking anodized aluminium and stainless steel
Engraving and etching stainless steel, brass and other metals
Engraving a range of plastics and acrylics